Our Heart

We believe that life is not about how much we have, but what we do with what we have. This is how we choose to operate. We represent normal, full lives. We experience young family joys and pressures, grow hope-filled careers and pursue future endeavours passionately.

We believe in something more significant than the "carefree life", and unashamedly choose to live in pursuit of a purpose bigger than ourselves. We have a desire to encourage and actively assist others to build a legacy life, that generates a hundred fold return over that lifetime.



We believe Maverick Thinking should be combined with Conventional Implementation to turn dreams into realities. Maverick Thinking means thinking beyond the status quo and the established order to pursue future possibilities.

Conventional Implementation is a strong commitment to rhythmic disciplines, clearly articulated strategies and their measurement. Maverick Thinking on it's own leads only to unfulfilled potential. Conventional Implementation on it's own will only maintain the status quo. The combination of Maverick Thinking and Conventional Implementation will unlock the Hundred Fold life.

Building A Legacy

The concept of leaving a legacy can seem rare in a consumer driven world. We believe for many it falls into the realm of Maverick Thinking. Generosity need not only be an endeavour undertaken by the financial elite. As we give, we build the unseen strength in a legacy life that exists beyond ourselves and independent from any present financial position.


For Christian Leaders and Influencers who want to provide a multiple return on the resources that have been invested in them.

The Annual 100x Business Summit

The 100x 4 day conference will see world renowned thought leaders in business and personal development, unpack proven techniques that will help further release your potential. Connect with like minded individuals in a family friendly environment; unplug, refresh and be inspired. A fixed number of rooms have been secured so attendees are strictly limited. 100% of profits from the conference will be donated to World Vision projective initiatives.

Monthly Coaching And Business Development

Our monthly coaching and business development is focussed on personal and practical business growth. Some examples of practical teaching we provide include one page strategic plans, sales coaching, team building and organisational rhythms.